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ARCK Tielrode

You will find the bed & breakfast in the somewhat remote Tielrode.

A cozy village in the river landscape of the Waasland. It cannot be a coincidence that the Durme and the Scheldt decided to merge precisely in this region.

DON developed a B&B in this picturesque village that offers much more than overnight accommodation. With a kitchen, a breakfast and sitting room, an honesty bar and a Weltevree experience (with Dutchtub), you can enjoy peace and everything nearby.

The ARCK brand has become a household name in the B&B world: the architectural forms that you find in both the house style and the interior ensure a particularly high level of recognition.

ARCK Tielrode was such a success that a second place had to follow.

ARCK Sint-Niklaas

In one of these architectural gems from 1933, house Hector Mechiels, you will find the city apartment. A warm and welcoming home where everyone feels at ease.

The top floor of the Art-Deco home is the sleeping floor, where you will find two new rooms, above our offices.

Here, too, ARCK draws the map of a strong brand experience: the interior fits in seamlessly with the Art-Deco building.